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Coppa Law Group is an exciting and innovative practice that is sensitive to the practical times we currently live in and is reshaping the way law firms do business in Western Massachusetts. CLG has created within its practice, a new philosophy and concept for its individual, small and medium sized business clients. This is the Virtual General Counsel (VGC), which is for the small and medium sized business that do not have lawyers on staff full-time or in-house general counsel, but would like to operate as if they do without the usual overhead associated with in-house counsel. There is more information about this on our Business Law home page.

Coppa Law Group is a newly formed legal team in West Springfield, Massachusetts and was recently quoted in the February 2010 issue of the Massachusetts Bar Association Journal as the “Virtual Office”. This concept infers that our clients will feel like Coppa Law Group is with them wherever they go to transact legal business. We are a small boutique firm that is creating a niche for itself in certain areas of law and will keep your legal costs manageable because of our unique approach and state of the art technologies.

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding service to our clients and want to raise the standard in Western Massachusetts, connecting with you in your office or ours,or via one of the latest cutting edge web-based technologies, including our web-site, video conferencing, WEBEX on-line meetings, or the new iPhone technologies.

We are here to meet your individual or corporate legal needs. Contact Coppa Law Group TODAY to begin your new legal journey.