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Real Estate

Buying or selling a home is one of the greatest financial decisions you will ever make in your lifetime. This decision also invokes a lot of emotion and stress along with it, which is why, it is important to choose an experienced legal team like Coppa Law Group to advocate for you throughout the entire process, who understands your concerns.

At CLG, our team has extensive experience in managing all types of real estate transactions including residential and commercial. We will advise you through every step in the process from making the initial offer, to executing the purchase and sale agreement, to attending the closing. From simple real estate transactions to complex disputes, we will make sure your interests are protected.

Residential Real Estate Services

  • Establishing title to the property
  • Reviewing purchase and sales agreement and closing documents
  • Ensuring all documents at closing are properly executed and delivered
  • Ensuring all proceeds are properly paid out and accounted for
  • Advising on contract and inspection issues
  • Recommending financing options

Commercial Real Estate Services

  • Contract negotiation
  • Easement creation, compliance and appeals
  • Land permitting and zoning

Real Estate Litigation

Whether it's the terms of a purchase agreement or a breach of duty by a broker, we will advocate your position to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf.